Vicky Smallman
Shaping Kitchissippi With You

2006 Ottawa Municipal Election
Ottawa Council • Ward 15

Vicky Smallman - Shaping Kitchissippi the Smart Way

Kitchissippi is growing and changing, making this is an exciting time for our community. We know the pleasures of living in one of the city's most established and charming communities, and others are "discovering" our neighbourhoods too. Growth and change are both natural and encouraging, but development decisions must reflect the character and needs of our neighbourhoods. That's why I believe in a smart approach - for our ward and its communities, and also for our city as a whole.

Smart development means careful planning, a commitment to good design, sustainability, and public space. It's friendly to pedestrians, encourages small business and builds a strong sense of community.

Smart Kitchissippi

Kitchissippi has plenty of smart resources. Distinct neighbourhoods, character architecture, access to parks and public transportation, an open-air market, and an increasingly bustling mainstreet atmosphere are just a few examples. We need to make sure that development builds on these assets, not detract from them. This means more parks and transit options, not fewer. More sustainability, traffic management, and diversity in housing, not less. And more community-based arts events and social services, not less. We pay for development through our tax dollars; it's time we made sure we are paying for the smart choices that will create the Kitchissippi we want.

Smart Communities

Communities know best the kinds of support - from housing to arts festivals to parks and recreation opportunities - that help foster active, urban, sustainable living. I know this from working with Community Associations and local business associations in our ward. They know what kinds of things they want to see happen and what kinds of proposals won't fit. That's why Community Design Plans, like the one currently underway in Westboro are so important. Other Community Design Plans are in the works, but a truly smart approach requires that these plans be better coordinated so that they don't work at cross purposes and so that residents don't get lost in a sea of competing processes. As your representative, I commit to working with you in order to tap your expertise and insights, and to champion the smart plans that are being developed locally. I will also work to ensure that the community planning process is more coherent across the ward and that public participation can happen.

Smart City

I support Ottawa's smart growth strategy and will speak out for it on council. I will also support and promote plans at Council which will enrich modern, sustainable development in Ottawa. Projects like the O-Train, and the negotiation of a stable municipal funding framework with the Province and the federal government, need diligent support from Councillorsas well as the Mayor. Of course, the yearly budgetexercise for the City has a major impact on the ability of Ottawa to become a smart city of the future. Through pre-Budget consultations and deliberations at City Hall, I will work to ensure that Kitchissippi residents get value for money and quality services, and that the concerns of small business and property owners are being heard through a responsible budgeting process.