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2006 Ottawa Municipal Election
Ottawa Council • Ward 15

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Candidate withdraws, citing too much competition

CBC Ottawa (website), [link] - Aug. 8th 2006
CBC News

A candidate for Ottawa city council in the Kitchissippi Ward has withdrawn from the race, saying there are too many people running against incumbent Shawn Little.

"People are extremely frustrated and angry that there is no mechanism that will eliminate vote splitting so that the incumbent gets re-elected with a tiny percentage of the vote, which is what happened last time," Daniel Stringer told the Ottawa Sun.

In the 2003 municipal election, Little beat out six candidates, including Stringer, to take Ward 15 with just 2,907 votes, or 27.12 per cent of 10,719 votes cast.

Kris Klein and Gary Ludington finished close behind with 2,330 (21.74%) and 2,217 (20.68%) votes respectively. Stringer finished fifth with 1,058 votes (9.87%).

Five candidates left

Stringer's withdrawal leaves four challengers to Little in Kitchissippi: Ludington, Christine Leadman, Daniel Narwa and Vicky Smallman.

Stringer has thrown his support to Ludington, saying the candidate's showing in 2003 gives him the best the shot at unseating Little.

But Vicky Smallman said the race is about more than unseating a councillor who some see as out of touch with the community.

"I consider my real opponent to not to be Shawn Little but to be Christine Leadman," Smallman told CBC News. "I think Shawn's had his day. I think the voters said that very clearly last time."

Smallman said Leadman represents many of the same centre or right-of-centre values as Shawn Little. She sees herself as a strong left-of-centre alternative.

Leadman describes the race in similar terms. Neither she nor Smallman ran in 2003.

Ottawa's municipal election is Nov. 13.

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